Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. Confidence and Failure –Why Abused Men Can Have Such a Bleak Outlook


    2016-04-25 by Object of Contempt

    Recently a short conversation took place in the comments. I mentioned that my negative self-talk is usually centered around failure, …
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  2. False Representations — Husbands are Rarely Abused by their Wives?


    2016-04-15 by Object of Contempt

    There is a ubiquitous perception that husbands abuse and wives are victims. Although some blogs and other web resources claim …
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  3. Love and Anger — The Place Where They Meet


    2016-04-12 by Object of Contempt

    This emotional stuff really was confusing from the time I was little. Mom emotionally abused her sons. Recovering from our …
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