Who to Believe — Effective Liars Appear Honest

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2016-06-06 by Object of Contempt

Think back to news stories about criminals who have finally been apprehended after a notorious string of devastating, or even deadly acts. How many times do we hear the criminal’s co-workers, friends, and even his family say, “I never would have guessed… He was always so helpful, quiet, nice, and friendly”?

Why is it so hard to learn the lesson? The bad guys only have angry eyebrows, a sneering face, and an evil laugh in cartoons! The most effective liars use lies because they are good at deceiving!

I have tried to tell several people who could have helped, that my wife is disingenuous and that I don’t know anyone who can see through her lies. Then she talks to them, and I get accused of lying and abuse. They can’t believe such a sweet, vulnerable person could ever be as dishonest as I have described her.

Today, I would like to share a link to an article by psychologist George Simon called,
“Casting False Impressions”.

Dr. Simon has other very interesting and useful articles on his blog. His series on manipulation is very useful. In another series, he describes the distinction between the personality disordered, and the character disordered. Yet another series describes different types of “aggressive” personalities, and how “covert-aggressive” is frequently mis-identified as “passive-aggressive.” Time spent investigating his site will not be wasted!

The full URL is: http://counsellingresource.com/features/2016/06/06/casting-false-impressions/


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