Monthly Archives: August 2016

  1. Family in Turmoil


    2016-08-17 by Object of Contempt

    One of my sons was very angry with me. He thinks I’m unfair to his mother. The nature of the …
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  2. Truth and Love — Scapegoats Crave Both (Nothing Mentally Ill About That)


    2016-08-16 by Object of Contempt

    The scapegoat of a narcissistic abuser commonly receives all the more abuse because this victim knows or tells the dangerous, …
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  3. The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist!

    2016-08-03 by Object of Contempt

    From Greg Zaffuto’s book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! One of the …
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