My Artistic Daughter


2017-07-11 by Object of Contempt

My daughter has recently turned twenty, and has a very artistic spirit in her. It shows up in several ways. She is quite talented.

She has, however, struggled a lot with deep depression. It goes to show that a lot of wonderful and high-quality people have to deal with this stuff. It doesn’t degrade your dignity if depression is part of your life… regardless of whether it is the result of abuse, or any other reason.

Today, my daughter showed me a poem she wrote last week. The concepts are familiar to most who read this blog. Her expression spoke to me and I found it beautiful despite the pain. She has given me permission to post it here. I hope it blesses you.

Those Days

On those days
Nothing exists
Outside of the pitiful prison
I call my room

It doesn’t matter what plans are in store
Or who comes knocking at the bolted door
I can’t hear you through the locks and chains
-I am unreachable on those days

On those days
Time is an illusion
Playing with my already

On those days
I’m filled with fatigue and
drained of life,
Of feeling,
Of everything

I am useless and pathetic on those days

I’m not sure why they come
Or why I’m fine one day, and miserable the next
Unable to face reality, or exit this cage
I’ve made for myself

Sweating, shaking, stomach growling
I pinch myself to keep from drowning.
My music is my ringing ears
And I wait for the strength I need

But it never comes
All I can do is try to make it through
And hope tomorrow won’t be
One of those days


One thought on “My Artistic Daughter

  1. This is so beautiful and so sad.

    It’s great that she is writing and sharing her feelings. The danger is when we bottle these things up inside.

    I am saying a prayer for your precious daughter, and for you, too.

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