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  1. More from My Daughter – Trust and Disbelief


    2017-07-21 by Object of Contempt

    The poem below, more than the previous one, displays the effects of emotional abuse in a home. My daughter (the …
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  2. True Love? or “To Blave”?


    2017-07-05 by Object of Contempt

    … and “to blave,” as we all know, means “to bluff!” This light-hearted clip hints at a topic I’ve had …
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  3. Crazy in Love : Part 1 — Emphasis on Crazy


    2017-02-07 by Object of Contempt

    Emotional abuse, psychological abuse, covert abuse, intimacy anorexia… they overlap in multiple ways.  The tactics and the effects on the …
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  4. Provocation, Happiness, and Numbness


    2016-12-01 by Object of Contempt

    In a normal relationship, closeness and reconciliation happens by being open about our hurts and flaws.  Not so with an …
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  5. Intersections — Abuse in the Context of Church, Family, and Culture


    2016-11-29 by Object of Contempt

    I sat in a smallish, crowded room with approximately 10-12 other men.  They were there to “discipline” me.  My wife …
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  6. Isolation “Sucks”


    2016-11-25 by Object of Contempt

    I’ve tried to write since the last post over three weeks ago.  I’m still around, but I’m struggling.  Mostly,  it’s …
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  7. Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Dignity (part 1) — Contempt Destroys


    2016-10-29 by Object of Contempt

    Like so many other victims of emotional abuse,  it took me a very long time to see through the abuse …
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  8. Gatekeeping — A Covert Method of Control


    2016-10-14 by Object of Contempt

    Stereotypes… they are so useful and frustrating at the same time.  I confess that I frequently get frustrated with the …
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  9. Projection — How Abusers and Victims Both Use It


    2016-10-11 by Object of Contempt

    Emotional abusers employ projection regularly. Actually, we all do. Projection isn’t wrong in and of itself, it is part of …
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  10. Truth and Love — Scapegoats Crave Both (Nothing Mentally Ill About That)


    2016-08-16 by Object of Contempt

    The scapegoat of a narcissistic abuser commonly receives all the more abuse because this victim knows or tells the dangerous, …
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  11. The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist!

    2016-08-03 by Object of Contempt

    From Greg Zaffuto’s book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! One of the …
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  12. Who to Believe — Effective Liars Appear Honest

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    2016-06-06 by Object of Contempt

    Think back to news stories about criminals who have finally been apprehended after a notorious string of devastating, or even …
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  13. How They Abuse — Invalidation


    2016-05-17 by Object of Contempt

    In various articles and blogs I’ve read about abuse by invalidation. This has been a huge part of my experience, …
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