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  1. Discovering the Valueless Soul


    2017-08-31 by Object of Contempt

    Last night there was a meeting for a church related highschool group that two of my sons attended. Afterwards was …
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  2. Thinking and Driving


    2017-05-20 by Object of Contempt

    Friends don’t let friends drive “thunk”! Yes, I was a “thunk driver”. I was thinking to the point of distraction …
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  3. The Search for Ultimate Peace


    2017-03-08 by Object of Contempt

    Rest. An end to the hopelessness. Ultimate peace. So many euphemisms for the same desperate action to end all actions. …
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  4. Crazy in Love : Part 1 — Emphasis on Crazy


    2017-02-07 by Object of Contempt

    Emotional abuse, psychological abuse, covert abuse, intimacy anorexia… they overlap in multiple ways.  The tactics and the effects on the …
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  5. Isolation “Sucks”


    2016-11-25 by Object of Contempt

    I’ve tried to write since the last post over three weeks ago.  I’m still around, but I’m struggling.  Mostly,  it’s …
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  6. Emotional Abuse Is Potent — PTSD and Flashbacks


    2016-05-25 by Object of Contempt

    Living with a spouse who doesn’t value you enough to be honest and candid is difficult in many ways. The …
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