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  1. Discovering the Valueless Soul


    2017-08-31 by Object of Contempt

    Last night there was a meeting for a church related highschool group that two of my sons attended. Afterwards was …
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  2. One of the Coldest Days of the Year — My Anniversary


    2016-12-01 by Object of Contempt

    I have been useless and in bed all day.  It’s the the 27th anniversary of my wedding.  We are still …
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  3. Intersections — Abuse in the Context of Church, Family, and Culture


    2016-11-29 by Object of Contempt

    I sat in a smallish, crowded room with approximately 10-12 other men.  They were there to “discipline” me.  My wife …
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  4. Isolation “Sucks”


    2016-11-25 by Object of Contempt

    I’ve tried to write since the last post over three weeks ago.  I’m still around, but I’m struggling.  Mostly,  it’s …
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  5. In Want of Hope and Love in the Midst of Blame


    2016-10-09 by Object of Contempt

    Never have I felt so close to emotional annihilation. I have never felt so close to losing my children. I …
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  6. Falling Apart — Need Prayer


    2016-10-04 by Object of Contempt

    I hate writing this kind of post. Sometimes I just need someone to listen, and that makes me feel like …
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  7. Family in Turmoil


    2016-08-17 by Object of Contempt

    One of my sons was very angry with me. He thinks I’m unfair to his mother. The nature of the …
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  8. Emotional Abuse Is Potent — PTSD and Flashbacks


    2016-05-25 by Object of Contempt

    Living with a spouse who doesn’t value you enough to be honest and candid is difficult in many ways. The …
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  9. Blessed by my Son


    2016-03-12 by Object of Contempt

    A commenter on my last post wished me well with my healing, which was very nice. People who read my …
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  10. Do I Dare to Hope?

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    2016-02-12 by Object of Contempt

    A couple of days ago, I went to see a psychologist. My options are limited because of financial issues. I …
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  11. Roll Away my Shame – Please


    2016-02-10 by Object of Contempt

    This first post is a fairly long dump of how I got where I am in my spirit. I believe …
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