1. Projection — How Abusers and Victims Both Use It


    2016-10-11 by Object of Contempt

    Emotional abusers employ projection regularly. Actually, we all do. Projection isn’t wrong in and of itself, it is part of …
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  2. In Want of Hope and Love in the Midst of Blame


    2016-10-09 by Object of Contempt

    Never have I felt so close to emotional annihilation. I have never felt so close to losing my children. I …
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  3. Falling Apart — Need Prayer


    2016-10-04 by Object of Contempt

    I hate writing this kind of post. Sometimes I just need someone to listen, and that makes me feel like …
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  4. Question — Do Wives Know Their Own Strength?


    2016-09-20 by Object of Contempt

    Instead of the ordinary post, today I would like to ask a sincere question.  Women are especially encouraged to answer, …
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  5. Family in Turmoil


    2016-08-17 by Object of Contempt

    One of my sons was very angry with me. He thinks I’m unfair to his mother. The nature of the …
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  6. Truth and Love — Scapegoats Crave Both (Nothing Mentally Ill About That)


    2016-08-16 by Object of Contempt

    The scapegoat of a narcissistic abuser commonly receives all the more abuse because this victim knows or tells the dangerous, …
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  7. The hard TRUTH – we never mattered to the Narcissist!

    2016-08-03 by Object of Contempt

    From Greg Zaffuto’s book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! One of the …
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  8. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)

    2016-07-19 by Object of Contempt

    I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I suspect Complex-PTSD is a little more accurate, though. Many people have heard of …
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  9. In the Bible — Were the Pharisees Narcissists?


    2016-07-09 by Object of Contempt

    It is not entirely uncommon to hear Christian narcissistic abuse survivors refer to the Pharisees as being narcissists. They are …
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  10. Labelling Abusers — The Desire to be Vindicated


    2016-07-09 by Object of Contempt

    Over the course of the last 12 months or so, I have seen a couple of blog posts addressing a …
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  11. Who to Believe — Effective Liars Appear Honest

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    2016-06-06 by Object of Contempt

    Think back to news stories about criminals who have finally been apprehended after a notorious string of devastating, or even …
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  12. Emotional Abuse Is Potent — PTSD and Flashbacks


    2016-05-25 by Object of Contempt

    Living with a spouse who doesn’t value you enough to be honest and candid is difficult in many ways. The …
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  13. How They Abuse — Invalidation


    2016-05-17 by Object of Contempt

    In various articles and blogs I’ve read about abuse by invalidation. This has been a huge part of my experience, …
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  14. Culture Is Wrong — Abusers and Emotions


    2016-05-07 by Object of Contempt

    I have dealt with a couple “styles” of emotional abuse since I was a boy. Abuse is almost always a …
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  15. Confidence and Failure –Why Abused Men Can Have Such a Bleak Outlook


    2016-04-25 by Object of Contempt

    Recently a short conversation took place in the comments. I mentioned that my negative self-talk is usually centered around failure, …
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